Ronan de Burca is an accomplished Music Therapist .He is also a musician and uses music therapy in many environments he 

Also specialises in:


Adults, Adolescences and Children - Groups, individual, schools and residential.



Works in a creative environment building confidence, self-esteem, personal development, social skills / relationships and positive group formation.


Music Therapy 


Dates TBC


Music Therapy 

with Ronan de Burca


Music Therapy is a health care profession that combines psychology and the art of music to improve the quality of life of a person of any age and level of ability. Music therapists use music based methods to address a person's physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual needs.

Music Therapy differs from academic and skills oriented training, as it focuses primarily on the client’s emotional expression, behaviour, personal experiences and overall well-being.

As everybody responds to music, no prior musical skills are needed for the client to benefit from this intervention.