Grief and Loss Workshop

with Gráinne O'Connell





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Have you experienced Grief or loss in your life? Would you like to understand more about how you can cope with the associated difficulties and emotions?


The Grief and Loss Workshop is facilitated by Gráinne O'Connell

Grainne is an accredited psychotherapist (IAHIP) who trained with the Tivoli Institute.  

Grainne belief is that everything we need is inside ourselves, we are experts in our own lives, Grainne`s aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment with unconditional acceptance allowing the client to work through their difficult time, bringing them to a place of relief within themselves from their suffering, where their choices in life are greatly enhanced.

Grainne has also done further training in many areas including Art and sandtray Therapy, Dream interpretation, Addiction studies, Family Constellations and Suicide. Grainne has completed a Professional Certificate Course in Children and loss which qualifies her to work with children who are experiencing stress, anxiety or any changes in behavior due to separation or loss in their lives.

Grainne works with a wide range of issues that can arise for individuals both within the workplace and in their personal life. Many of these issues can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, panic, low self-esteem, confusion, relationship difficulties, or negative behavioral and thought patterns. Grainne works closely with individuals to help explore and understand the issues underlying these feelings. Grainne is particularly interested in working on issues around families of origin, the person role within their family of original, relationships, self-esteem, sexuality, and in existential issues such as living a more meaningful life, having more meaningful relationships with themselves and others,


Grainne has an honours degree in Education and Training from NUIG and she helped establish Galway Community Counselling. Working from an integrative and humanistic background Grainne works with clients to provide support and safety to explore and understand the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that may be negatively affecting them, allowing more realistic and effective ways of improving the quality, contentment and satisfaction of their lives.