" May Your actions speak Jesus Christ"

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       Pernet Spirituality 

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Pernet CLG

Welcome to our website

Pernet CLG is the incorporated name for PLANT  which stands for Pernet Lay Associates Networking Together.  Pernet Lay Associates work with Sister Imelda O’Sullivan to promote and implement the work of the ten groups under it’s umbrella. The purpose of these groups is to act upon the “charism” of The Little Sisters of the Assumption and to seek to share their core mission of bringing joy, hope and empowerment to society.

This is as relevant today as it was back in the 1865 in Paris when the founders of the Little Sisters..  Fr. Etienne Pernet and Sister Antoinette Fage founded the order. For a full insight into the background of the order and the spirituality of The Little Sisters, please click on the picture of the founder to download our booklet “Pernet Spirituality for Lay People”. On the following pages, you can find out more about our courses and projects and about how you can join us if you would like to participate



Our People 

All of the many people involved with PLANT bring unique gifts and talents which are truly valued.  Here are some of current board of Directors and friends ...

Front row from left to right: Mary Cunningham, David Keane, Imelda O'Sullivan and Gerry Leen. Back Row from left to Right: Nuala Keane, Carmel King, Peter Costello, Conleth Cunnane and Clodagh Gallagher)

Sister Antoinette Fage who with Fr. Pernet founded the Little Sisters of the Assumption. 

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