ART Therapy with

Ann Marie Collins


Art Psychotherapy

This is a fascinating field which is a gentle but powerful form of therapy which integrates art-making processes and exploration of images with the verbal therapeutic process. There will be time for art making and then the group will come together to explore the images.

The exploration of the images in the group is facilitated so as to be a safe and gentle but powerful process. 

The collective conscious and unconscious of the group is worked with to bring insight and to support working through the issues contained in the imagery.


This workshop is facilitated by Ann-Marie Collins. She has worked in the areas of mental health and Education in Galway for thirty years. She holds a first class honours degree in Art Psychology. She has worked in private practise since 2004 in the areas of Adult Psychiatry, Addiction Treatment, Primary and Post-Primary Education and Training Centres for adolescents.